Our Strategic Areas of Expertise

Business Consulting

Camdex offers expertise in multiple facets of business planning and operations. We specialize in assisting companies build bottom line growth though focused strategic priorities and improved operational effectiveness.

Business Vision, Strategies and Tactics

Goals and Objectives

1, 3 and 5 Year Planning and Operational Frameworks

Internet Marketing Services

Strategic Objectives and Alignment

Conference Performance Impact Assessment

Project and Program Operations

Program coordination and governance

Project management

Data Analytics

Camdex focuses on big data solutions across different industries and market segments with particular emphasis on data collecton and analytics. Our business intelligence analysis and reporting engines are state-of-the-art, cloud based technologies.

Detailed Analytics

Data Modeling

Mondrian Analyses

Customer Analysis and Reporting

Business Intelligence

Data Warehousing

BI Operations and Tool Development

Database Development

Reporting and Visualization

About Us

Meet the Management Team
David Joyce

David Joyce, P. Eng.
David Joyce has over 30 years of management experience. After a distinguished career at a major telecommunications company, he founded Camdex with the goal of providing insight and support to companies in achieving their business objectives. With years of operational C-suite experience, David has blended day-day business leadership with strategic and vision setting acumen at the corporate level. He is married with 2 children and enjoys travelling the world.
Roger Egan

Roger Egan
Roger Egan is an accomplished sales and marketing executive. With 30 years working for various companies ranging from start up Angel Round through to Global 100, his multi-industry background brings a valued perspective to Camdex's proposition. Roger is an expert at channel and direct sales management and its critical effect on corporate brand and image. He has 2 sons and resides with his wife in Ottawa, Canada.

Craig Hillier

Craig Hillier
Craig Hillier is an executive Operations consultant with deep knowledge in corporate and IT operations. He is a key advisor at Camdex Solutions, borrowing from his leadership and marketing experience in Information Technology, Security and Telecom. Craig is also a natural facilitator, a creative problem solver and trend analyst. He has broad experience across many disciplines from engineering and product development to innovation, business development and procurement. Craig co-founded two IT security organizations, has experience on several boards and provides independent consulting services as a trusted advisor.